Friday 18 May 2012

Future of copyright update

Today I got a really nice surprise in my email from the folks behind the Future of Copyright initiative:

We are proud to announce, that finally we selected 10 works which will make it to our „Future of copyright” book. Winner is among them, but you need to wait just a little bit more – jury is still deciding. Here are works we have selected, in alphabetic order:
  • Jesse Betteridge „The Brick in Room 207”
  • Reuben Binns „History of Copyright 2012-Present”
  • Eddie „In Session”
  • Mike Linksvayer „Future of Copyright”
  • Aymeric Mansoux „Morphology of a copyright tale”
  • Alf Melin „Remote Kill”
  • Carlos Solís „Blurred – a utopian story”
  • Roland Spitzlinger „Future of Copyright”
  • Togi „Give”
  • Jarosław Żyła „Heritage of ACTA”

Congratulations to everybody who was selected!

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