Thursday 12 April 2012

The beauty of earthporn

Porn has been making its way into culture in many ways, not least in colloquial language where it is increasingly common to append 'porn' to signify a collection of something.

One such example is earthporn, as seen in one of Reddit's many communities. While this might at first give the impression of something sexual it is actually a collection of photographs featuring planet Earth at its most beautiful, unusual or awe-inspiring.

Below are a few sample photographs, all of which make me want to grab my camera and book a flight to go exploring. The last one also seems like an excellent location for a mad scientist engineer to create a base for bringing plans of world domination to fruition.

Tsingy de Bemeraha

Horseshoe Bend

Himmeltindan, Vestvågøy, Norway

Entrance to an ice cave

Aogashima, Japan

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